Established in 1998, the Connect 24 brand started as a service to activate and administer Skyroute cellular back up devices for security alarm dealers in the U.S. and Canada. In 2008, as service providers moved from an analogue service to a digital service, Connect 24 rapidly became the leading reseller of cellular primary and back up services for the security industry in North America.

As the demand grew and with the evolution of technology, in 2011, Connect 24 became the parent brand with the establishment of C24 Communications (formerly Connect 24) and C24 Interactive as sub-brands and services under the parent brand.

C24 Interactive C24 Interactive

C24 Interactive services are discontinued. For information on interactive offerings by DSC, please visit

  C24 Interactive C24 Communication

Since 1998, C24 Communications has been activating and administering mobile and GSM devices (DSC branded Alarm Communicators) for security alarm dealers in North America. The units are activated through a Voice response Unit (VRU) over a phone line or via C24 Communications' web portal. The main features include:

  • Activating, editing and deactivating accounts
  • Retrieving device status
  • Programming or modifying communicator options

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